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Mag 10

I need a little help here.Just finished 1st Mag 10 cycle.Not quite sure how to approach the next 2 weeks,do I stay out of the gym completely for 3 days or just tone it down.I don’t want to screw up the gains I made in the
1st 2 weeks.I think I understand the diet part.

Assuming you bumped up the volume while “on”, then for the next two weeks, stay heavy, but back down on volume and don’t train to failure, use triple drops etc. Again, assuming you really kicked it up while on MAG-10, there’s nothing wrong with taking 2-3 days off or just doing some active rest or GPP type stuff. In fact, I’d take two days off for sure, and get a nap or two in on those off days. After that, Bill Roberts has suggested heavy training to help maintain gains - just avoid overtraining.

Though not necessary if you only used a two week cycle and followed the label, Tribex, M and Methoxy would really help solidify the new gains. You can expect to lose a little weight from water/glycogen though, but the muscle itself should be retainable.

Diet - You won’t be eating as much, but don’t go on a crazy keto diet either. Just get plenty of protein, healthy carbs, and good fats. If you followed Bill’s recs on eating mostly protein and carbs when “on”, then now you can add back in fats in place of some carbs - just keep the post-workout carbs in place.

Pretty general info, but maybe that’ll help you out.

Maintenance or slightly higher calories and heavy training. Check out my article www.t-mag.com/articles/214rip.html for a good “off weeks” program.