Now for some of you it may not be too much money. But when doing the recommended cycle of MAG-10, you should do it for 8 weeks, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on, and 2 weeks off. So thats about 70 dollars a bottle, and it’ll cost 4 bottles so thats about 280 bucks. Then you hafta buy a helluva lot more food which you hafta tag on to the price of your cycle. I wanna know if this crap gets results ya know. I need to know three things if your gonna answer to this, how long you used it, what your starting and ending weight was of your cycle, and how long you have been lifting.
So lay it on me boys, tell me what the real deal about Mag-10 is.

My results are in the success stories section in the Biotest store under the name of O-lifter M.

Bottom line is Mag-10 works and it isn’t crap: IT’S THE SHIT. I put on 5lbs. in two weeks. Just read the success stories at the Biotest website to read about other peoples results.

As far as dosage goes, you seem to have the impression that you need to take two doses a day. This isn’t necessary. I took one dose a day and still got phenomenal results. Instead spend the other 140 bucks on food and protein powder. It’s imperative that you eat tons of food while on Mag-10. In fact, if you’re not gonna eat big, don’t even bother with Mag-10 because you won’t see the steroid-like gains that you desire.

Oh yeah, I’ve been lifting for about four years and I just completed a two week cycle, and went from 170lbs. to 175lbs.

Do a search. All the information you could possibly want is already there.

No offense dudes, but 5 lbs. really isn’t that great of an increase I mean. If I ate like a fat f@ck for a week I could easily put on 5 lbs. I’m not that impressed.

the stuff works. my first cycle of it my incline bench went up 35lbs. i put on 8lbs of muscle with not fat increase. also have been lifting for 5 years.