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I am 56 and 215 lbs and according to my makita scale 27% BF. I’m pretty sure the scale is wrong because the last time I had my BF checked by caliper it was almost 10% less. I am on my second week of stage one and am looking forward to stage 2. I have a bowflex and some free weights at home, and I belong to a nearby Gym, so I should have no trouble working out twice a day. I know I can do it for two weeks. I am also supplimenting with Myoblast by those other people mainly because my local gnc did not carry Myostat, and I still have a couple of bottles. My goals are basically to increase my strength and lean body mass. My questions are: is there anyone else out there my age who has finished this program, and what kind of results have they had? also can I check my own bodyfat with calipers, as I am currently unattached?

With the AccuFitness FatTrackII it’s possible for a male to make the measurements on his own, but a female has different sites that require an assistant.