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mag 10

hey guys I am really horny over this MAG 10 will I pass the NCAA piss test if I take this. Also should I take it with MYOSTAT

I do not know for sure, but I’ll share a story with you.

This summer, a friend of mine did a cycle of Mag-10 starting in mid-July. His cycle ended about 3 weeks before he left for camp; he was tested 4 days in, and did absolutely fine.

Essentially, they're testing your Testosterone to Estrogen ratio. If it's 6:1 or over, then you're "steroidal." A tip I gave my friend was only use "M" for one week post cycle. After that he'd have a little extra estrogen in his system as compared to if he had kept taking it, but that probably worked out in his favor.

Again, I'm not certain how long it all stays in your system, but apparently being off for a month should do the trick. Hope this helps.