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Has anybody tried this product. It has been getting rave reviews but I was wondering if anybody has had real world success. I just purchased 2 bottles and I am going to go on a 2 week on 2 week off cycle. I am currently at 210 pounds at 5’ 10" but I would like to get around 225.

You can read all the success stories at the biotest website, but mine is pretty good. I gained sixteen pounds in two weeks, and my waist size only increased a half inch or so. Like the guidelines say, it is really important to eat a lot. The second time I went on it I tried eating maintenance level calories and I got stronger, but didn’t gain weight. Granted, I’m not training for muscle hypertrophy so much as strength, and I cut out the four thirty minute interval training sessions I did during the week (running hills and sprints), but I think it is good stuff.

Do a search, Jamie. The truth is out there…