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Mag 10

im 210 lbs and ill be starting mag 10 soon. my first question is should i do two servings cause im heavier or just the one. and also any info or experience would be appreciated

I think Bill Roberts has said that it doesn’t matter. Many report great gains at 1.5 servings a day regardless of bw. If it’s your first MAG-10 cycle, go for two doses, eat like an animal, train like a madman and get the full experience!

I have heard mixed things about 2 servings daily. My experience with Androgens in genral has been: the more you take the more you grow…

I’m 260lbs and noticed no difference between 1 dose and Two

I’m about 210 and think that 1.5 may be ideal for me. But keep in mind that body weight really doesn’t play much of a role, if any.