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After all that I have heard, I am now planning to do a cycle of Mag-10 to see for myself. My plan is to do 2 capfulls/day instead of 1.5/day which equates to 1bottle/10 days. I would like to continue this cycle for a total of 3bottles/4 weeks then4-6weeks off(with Trib) before beginning AAS cycle. Is this a good plan or are there any drawbacks? Also an article in Test Mag advised 400gms protein and at least 500gms carbs. Even considering the increased metabolism and protein synthesis, this sounds ridiculous, I know I would blow up like a balloon. I’m 5’9 170# and about 8-9%BF on my last week of a (natural)cutting cycle. I plan to use Mag 10 to bulk up with very little fat gain. I was thinking F-50gm C-300gm and P-350 for a total of 3050 cal. Could I decrease carbs, should I increase? I would appreciate help from anyone with experience or knowledge on this and I will be sure to post the results for everyone.

When on an androgen, you can eat a huge amount and not gain much fat. That includes carbs. I didn’t believe it until I used MAG-10 and found out for myself. Don’t “waste” some good gains by fearing some fat gain. Your workouts will be more intense and like I said, you can eat more than normal without gaining much fat when on a steroid or MAG-10 (same dif chemically speaking). Even if you do gain more fat that you want, fuck it. You can carefully diet it off later. All that said, make sure your carbs are clean. Being “on” doesn’t mean you can hit the pizza buffet daily.

Eat more and worry less. You won’t get fat.