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Ok guys. I’m interested in MAG –10. But I need to know how successful you guys have been with it. What kind of side effects are you experiencing? How to you use it, swallow or injection? I’ve read how great it is and stuff, but I need to hear from the users of the stuff first.

It’s been answered a million times. Search the forum for old posts. And, dear lord, don’t inject it.

So you do swallow it? That’s the main question. Thanks!

You may want to read the MAG-10 FAQ at T-mag or one of the other other articles on pro-steroids that will pop up with a search.

Injectable products would be illegal, BTW. Yes, some sleazy companies have done it but these were flops as most people don’t want to inject and there were sterility issues. With the deliver system of MAG-10 and 4-AD-EC you’re getting equivalent blood levels anyway.

Shane, personally I don’t, but I’m glad my wife does.

You don’t even know whether MAG-10 is swallowed or injected, but you want us to tell you about our results with it? Do you think that you could maybe do a search before you ask something like that? Or would that be too much trouble?

I’ve searched the biotest mag-10 site for the info, I didn’t see the part about directions. It talks about how great it is and the price. I didn’t see the directions. That doesn’t mean its not there; I just didn’t see it. Do you really have that much time on your hands?

i found the best way to get maximum absorption (i think about 123%) was to mix it with organic strawberry jelly and put it in my ear - the sugar in the jelly acts as a transport enhancer. My results from a 2 week cycle were as follows start 155lbs @ 12% body fat, finish with an ear infection.

i gained 22 lbs. in two weeks (@ two doses a day). held onto 17 lbs. for three months now. zero fat gain. no side effects except for the frustration of having my clothes fit tighter. kevo