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mag 10

hi… to all of you who have used mag 10… experiences?? thanks

I gained roughly 25 pounds in two weeks, using 12 total ml/day. One capful in the morning, one at 7pm. At about 5400 calories per day, and had fun doing it. Gained about 18.5 pounds of muscle and 6.5 fat. I’d say about 14 pounds of muscle were in the first week. Next time I use it, I’ll only do one week, and use MD6 to partition fat gain. Hope this helps.

Are you kidding me? I’ve seen great results off Mag-10 and Androsol, but 25 pounds in only two weeks sounds a little far fetched. Especially if 18 1/2 pounds were muscle. That would be very difficult to acheive in only two weeks… I’m just skeptical about claims that seem a little far fetched. What your normal maintenance level for calories anyway? If you made those kind of gains you must be a very easy gainer or just starting with serious lifting.

Hey, I just started a Mag-10 cycle. Taking 9 mls twice daily. I’ll do this for two weeks, go on T-500 for two weeks then back on for two more. I’m at 207 lbs. about 15% b.f., Consuming about 3700 calories per day, (300 to 325 grams of protein). Oh yeah, 8 g’s of creatine per day as well. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Mag-10 works. 'Nuff said. (You’re not female, are you…?)

Saxman: no, I was not inexperienced. I’m 20, I’ve been lifing correctly for 2 years, incorrectly previously for 4. The claims are not so far fetched if you take into account that (at 168) I ate about 5400 cals to start with, and increased as much as was needed until I was eating 6000 (last two days.) I feel no need to inflate my gains, since I think I did very well on my own. If it makes the story more realistic for you, I only held onto about 11 of those 18.5 pounds, but nearly all the fat (till I started cutting)

Another thing to remember that some of the weight gain associated with Mag-10 can be water retension. So some of the weight lost can be attributed to water also. I guess water in the muscles is technically considered muslce mass. I wasn’t trying to mock your results or say you are making them up. It’s just really easy for people to post numbers that could be bogus. I’m glad that you saw those kind of results and wish you luck in any future Mag-10 cycles.

Not meaning to piss anyone off, but it’s physiologically impossible for anyone’s body to synthesize 20 lbs of muscle in two weeks. With a LBM gain of 18 pounds, I would expect between 4-6 pounds of that to be water. I would also expect 2-4 pounds to be undigested or partially digested food sitting in your body, especially at 6k calories a day. If it makes you feel better, Trev, know that of the 11 pounds that you retained, that probably means that you DID in fact, gain about 9 pounds of solid muscle in two weeks. A couple of those 11 pounds are still stored water, deny it if you want, but those are the facts, bro. Still 9 pounds of muscle, give or take, in two weeks, is not too shabby!

Actually that DOES make me feel a lot better. I was thinking maybe i jumped into cutting too quickly and had been beating myself up for it. It’s probably still partially true, but at least I feel a bit better knowing a lot was water.