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Question for avoids roids. What is a good cycle for Mag10? And no worries about ancillary protocal? How about Tribex or M?
Thanks, after my mistake with decca, I think I want to stay roid free!

Congratulations Mossy and I am glad to see you are still talking to me. You’re wife will appreciate your staying off the Deca. As to Mag10, the protocol that seems to be producing the best results is 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. The first day of each “on” cycle should incorporate a double dose…about 10 to 12 hours apart to jump start your system. Then single doses (9 ml) only. Although some people have had better gains with double dosages throughout, it tends to get a bit expensive and the added results have not been overly dramatic. I would definitely take Tribex during the off weeks. I think it is a great product and makes you feel “on” as well. The jury is out on “M” as far as I am concerned. Mag10 is not estrogenic and, therefore, I don’t think it is an absolute necessity to take M during the off weeks on this type of cycling. However, some people create more estrogen naturally and could benefit from being on it with or without Mag10. I would say that if you can afford it, take it. If not, take the Tribex and pick up some Vitex at the local vitamin store. Cycle this for 16 weeks and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the results. But remember, you have to eat like a big man to get bigger. And, up your workout intensity while “on” and lower it during the “off” weeks. Forget the isolation movements like tricep kickbacks. Go for the compound movements and go heavy. Besides working incredibly well, this type of program has the benefit of no gyno potential, no legal worries, no potential hair loss and no Deca Dick problems. BTW, some people have reported pretty impressive gains when adding Myostat to the above cycle but I am laying back to see some longer term results before having an opinion. Good Luck!

The point of taking M is to “trick” your body into producing more T by lowering E, not because MAG-10 elevates E.

Avoids, hey did you ever get the results of your test to cortisol ratio. This was from awhile back but seeing your post reminded me.

how much luck have you had in maintaining the gains you made while “on” after you’ve been “off” mag-10 (or any prohormone for that matter)?? say you do one or two cycles. do you slowly lose what you gained or is it solid mass/strenght gains? thanks --Ray

Huck, my test to cortisol ratio was about 12.5 but I can’t find the post that indicated what a good ratio should be. This was measured before taking any Mag10. I am having another blood test at the end of May and I am anxious to see what the change will be, if any. Ray, I have lost about 30% of gains on off weeks but that is decreasing with subsequent cycles. There must be some kind of cumulative effect with Mag10.

AvoidsRoids - what kind of split do you use when on mag10? have you tried 2x day workouts?? im thinking of using androsol and am trying to plan ahead…any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks --Ray

I am using EDT now. My workout is posted on Michelle’s EDT thread. 2X/Day would be a bit much for these old bones.

What kinds of LBM gains have you made on the MAG-10 so far? It sounds like you have been doing well. BTW, it is good to see that you don’t get as much flak as you used to, you have been around these boards for quite awhile now and have definitely earned your “stripes” by helping others, putting up with/responding to crap in a respectable manner, and so on. I have often found your more humorous posts to be hilarious.