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I was thinking of starting a MAG-10 cycle in the next few weeks so i need to stock up on supps. I know that the plan for success suggested quite a few different ones. Just curious to hear from others who have done a cycle and what supplements are a must have and which can maybe be left out. Also how much did people spend for a 2 week “on” cycle and then the next 2 “off”.

I am on a low budget so i shop around, I get about 4 week cycle for $105.00. I take 1-1/2 cups full of mag-10 in the morning and 8-10 hours later a 1/2 cup full. To poor to do the full second serving, would if i could (wife is already upset with the cost). M and Tribex for 2 weeks per the Mag-10 Plan. By MRP in bulk on the internet 50 Myplox for $45.00, have not tried the new Biotest MRP, sounds good. Results are good so far and the energy level is also good, I final got off my Ripped Fuel addiction.