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Mag 10

Im an athlete and might be drug tested in four months. Would it be safe if i were to take a cycle of mag-10, followed by M and Tribulus. I figure the M and Tribulus should get my T count back to normal but will the piss test show up positive for steroids?? Is there anything you can do so that the test doesnt show up positive.

So far as I know you should be fine.

Someone wishing to be more certain should
see if the particular test they would undergo
looks for 17b-hydroxy-5a-androst-1-ene-3-one,
the parent compound of A1-E. If so it would
be looked for not because it is itself banned
but as a metabolite of boldenone, as evidence
(false in this case) of boldenone usage. So
far as I know it is NOT looked for, though
the corresponding 5beta compound is. But I
don’t have comprehensive knowledge of what
everyone is looking for so my saying I don’t
know of it doesn’t prove it can’t happen.)

I’m going to be tested by the NCAA i dont know if that helps at all. Do you know by chance if they test for that or not? Would it help if i did one of those detox programs before the season also? thanks for the initial response bill

So far as I know, no.

There would be no relevance to any detoxification program.