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mag 10

I have some friends going down to the U.S. and I was wondering how easy it is to find mag 10 there. I was also wondering if mag 10 can come across the boarder.

I don’t know how many stores are carrying MAG-10 because I buy all my stuff over the internet. Do you have a friend who you are visiting in the US. If you do, then have him order as much MAG-10 as you want from Biotest or other retailer and save yourself the search. As for bringing it back, I don’t know what to tell you.

I ordered it from the US from Biotest and didn’t have a problem.

My guess is that if its illegal to buy it, then it illegal to bring it.

Hey neighbor. MAg-10 is legal to buy here in the states and legal to bring back into Canada. They require you to declare it but you know. By the way you don’t live in Vancouver do you?

From reading on the forum if you live in Alberta they seize everything illegal. But if you want Mag 10 then just order from biotest and have it delivered to someones house that you are staying at or to the hotel… As for bringing it back just place it in an empty cleaned out shampoo bottle…The boarder dick heads will never know. I’m going to Vegas in April and plan to do the same…Good Luck

People order from Canada all the time. I’ve heard many supp stores up there sell it too, but you may have to ask for them to bring it out from behind the counter. There have been may threads about this.

I know its a risk, but why not just grab some in the states, either at a store, or shipped to a friend, and take it across the border. In the many times I’ve crossed, I’ve never been searched. Even if I was, how would a border guard know what it is?

On the odd chance that border guards can read, they might make an assumption based on the label, as in “Pro-Steroid Delivery System”.

Note to Psycho: A Pepto Bismol bottle is better than a shampoo bottle as the smell is about the same.

Guys, you are being paranoid if you are worrying about bringing Mag-10 accross the border, or having it shipped. The likelyhood of anyone being prosecuted for bring this supplement over is slim. I highly doubt they would even confiscate it but that would be the worst they would do.

Just thought I’d add I have ordered in androsol (not MAG-10 clearly, but same laws) to Canada about 5 times, illegally each time, and just got lucky. TC has stated before that it is legal to import in personal quantities into Canada (except to Alberta, which just so happens to be where I am, great eh), however this is not true. I have a mate from here who was living in Manitoba when he ordered some in, and they seized it and he got an empty box in the mail with a bunch of customs forms saying they were dismissing the charges of illegal importation. I can’t ever see you getting charged for trying to bring it in, especially when you plead ignorant, however it is illegal to import and they very well can and have seized it in the past. It’s not the same obviously, but when living in Australia, I read in the papers about people being charged with jailtime for bringing in prohormones into the country. Highly doubt it, but could happen in Canada too if your friendly neighbourhood customs officer was having a really really bad day. I mean look at the guys, they don’t seem to happy (must be because they don’t bodybuild and therefore can’t get laid :wink: ) Cheers.