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Ok fellow t-mag people. I have a question/problem. I’ve started my second cycle of MAG-10, (first cycle was incredible !)and I am wanting to do it for 4 weeks. I’ve just been thru my first week, and I’ve decided that I do not want to gain any more fat, and I actually want to try to loose a bit of fat during the next three weeks. I’ve refigured my diet/supplementing/training. And I’ve want to run it past you guys to see if I’m on the right track, or if you all have any suggestions. Here’s the breakdown: 2 doses of MAG-10 per day, 3 doses of T-2 pro per day. My protein will still hold at about 400 g. a day, and carbs will be about 180 g. for training days and 125 for rest days. Most of my protein will consist of whey, chicken, and flank steak once a week… 25g. of my carbs will come from maltodextrin in my post workout drink which will also consist of 80g. protein. The rest of my carbs will come strictly from oatmeal. And as far as fat, I’m still tinkering with how much flax seed oil to consume a day, right now I’m thinking 1 tbl. 3x a day. I’m going to continue to train hard and heavy, 4x’s a week with absolutely no cardio.
I thank you in advance for taking the time.


Read “Steroid Dieting” by Cy Willson in T-Mag issue 189. You want to keep fat low when on androgens whether dieting or not. Keep fat to NO more than 30 grams. 1 TBS of flax oil is 14 grams alone so if you take 3 TBS = 42 grams! Now you still have to include all your other dietary fat through the day. You’ll want to work at keeping fat intake low and I would be careful about getting carried away with supplementing TBS of oil. Dietary fat is only beneficial when not on androgens and Mag-10 is a strong androgen, especially at 2 doses a day. Diet on androgens should always be very low fat whether bulking or cutting. The difference between bulking or cutting on androgens is high carb/low fat for bulking and low to moderate carb/low fat for cutting. So keep fat low and manipulate carbs.

Thats alot of protein… protein equals calories. The mag 10 will help from creating a catabolic state.

Dirk D is right. I missed the protein the 1st time around. I remember reading on the forum here where it is recommended (I believe it may have been Bill Roberts who said) that optimal protein should be 1 1/2 to 2 grams per # body weight for bulking and only 1 gram for cutting because as Dirk said, excess protein is excess calories when the goal is cutting. And as Dirk also said, The androgen (Mag-10) will keep you from losing muscle protein stores as that would be the purpose of the androgen on a cutting cycle. And fat in the diet (flax oil) is for hormonal support to maximize T production but when on androgens, T is suppressed anyway, so the dietary oils just add extra calories without benefitting T. Save the flax oil for when you come off Mag-10. While on Mag-10 for cutting, I’ve read you would want 1 gram protein per #, 20 grams fat max, and manipulate carbs to around 100 grams give or take (a little more after training, less on non WO days).

2 doses of MAG-10 as in 18ml daily? Save your money mike and use 1/2 to only 1 dose daily while you’re dieting. As others said, read Cy’s steroid dieting article. It worked very well for me.

THANKS for everyone’s responces…my biggest concearn was to hopefully gain a few pounds of LBM and loose a few pounds of fat in the process. the last time i did mag-10, i gained more fat than i expected.