Mag 10

I just started Mag 10 2 days ago, a week later than I wanted because I couldn’t get ahold of it. I’m planning to use it for 2 weeks, with growth-surge diet and, for the most part, lifting. The thing is, I have a trip in 3 weeks to Hawaii, right in the middle of the 2nd week of recovery. I’m eating like mad, and training once a day with a similar regimen to GVT2K, but I can’t (and won’t) go to the gym on my vacation. I’ll be swimming quite a bit, and getting plenty of cardio, but no lifting. I already started the stuff without realizing how soon my trip was- and hey, I was excited about the stuff, dammit… So, should I stop Mag 10 and wait until I can do a 2 week cycle of growth-surge followed by 2 full weeks of recovery, or will I be ok to cut the recovery (G-S phase 3) into 1 week followed by a week off? Also, are there any side effects I should watch for when finally taking it? I’m not doubting that it’s safe, just whether I should watch anything in particular. Thanks in advance, guys.

I wouldn’t worry about it.

If it were your very first off week, I’d
be concerned about retention of gains.

But for the second off week, you should
be OK. If your split has you training
body parts once per week, you might
want to adjust it to twice-per-week
training for the weeks immediately before
and after the trip, so no bodypart gets
more than about 10 days off. That amount
is no detriment whatsoever.