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Mag 10?

I was wanting to know if mag 10 is right for me, I’m not wanting to get ungodly huge just look good, I’m 22 years old and 6’1 200 I would like to gain some more size but mostly cut fat and add some definition. Is mag 10 right for me?

From what I’ve seen, using MAG-10 and keeping calories slightly above maintenance has lead to some muscle gain and some fat loss. Kind of middle ground. You’re not very specific with your question. So my best answer is that it depends on your pocket book and your goals. If getting lean is your goal, then money might be better spent on MD6 and T2-PRO. You could stack these compounds with any of the big guns (androsol, MAG-10, or Methoxy 7). Methoxy 7 may be the best choice because you do not need to cycle off of it regularly.

I agree with Jason, and would just like
to add that it pretty much comes down
to how you want to balance cost vs speed
and easiness of results. You probably on
the one hand can accomplish your goal
in time with nothing but good nutrition
and training diligently and consistently followed long term, or that plus something inexpensive like MD6 to help lose fat; or could accomplish the same thing rapidly with MAG-10 still requiring some care with calories but not as much, but at more cost.

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