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I am a 48 year old male that has been lifting
weights on and off for almost 30 years. I purchased my first bottle of mag-10. My question is about the androstendiol part of the
formula. Since it can convert to testosterone
which can aromatize to estrogen, can aromatization be a problem when one is overweight. Apparently a lot of aromatization
takes palce in fatty tissue. I would like to get started on the mag-10, so is there anything that I could use that would cut done on any
androstendiol that converts to test from becoming estrogen.


I don’t think so, and it’s never been reported with Androsol, which also greatly increases 4-AD levels and has been out for quite some time so a lot of experience has been gained.

Although testosterone levels increase, estrogen levels don’t. This probably is because
4-AD is quite plausibly a weak aromatase inhibitor (being similar in chemical structure to testosterone, which binds to aromatase, differing only in the 3-hydroxy group, but estradiol, which also binds well to aromatase, also has a 3-hydroxy group so that cannot impede binding too much if at all). Apparently any increase in amount of substrate, testosterone, is counteracted by some of the 4-AD blocking aromatase. In any event, whether that explanation is correct or not, estrogen doesn’t increase with Androsol.

Also, by the way, testosterone levels do not increase greatly, due to limits on conversion.
The efficacy of a good 4-AD product is due in the great majority to 4-AD itself, not to conversion to testosterone.