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Mag 10

Just about to start a cycle of mag10, but i have a question - should i be taking a double dose as per the label, or would a single dose/day suffice? I weigh 175 pounds, and havent taken this stuff before… Any help would be appreciated.

Yea i have the same question as Jack here…except i weigh 138 as (6 feet tall) but also never taken the product.

I’d use two doses on the first day
as “frontloading” to immediately get
levels up, and then use only one dose
per day. Chances very much are you’ll
be completely satisfied with this dosing
(training and nutrition also have to
be good of course.) Two doses sometimes
is giving more results but is usually
not needed.

138 lbs at 6’0?!@#?!???!

Just wondering if a dose and a half of MAG-10 would nicely split the difference? Gained 10 pounds doing one dose per day, frontloading on day one. May try it the other way next time around. Using M and Tribex now.

It’s very possible that while 2 doses per day might be overkill for you compared to 1.5 doses, 1.5 doses might offer a significant improvement for you compared to 1 dose. I’d still try one dose first and see how it goes, unless money is no issue.