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If the instructions say: hold under your tongue
for 30 seconds, is 60 seconds better?
If I take it on an empty stomach, how long until I can eat?
Can I drink some water after swallowing it?
Can you make the cap bigger so you only take cap instead of 1.5?
Thanks. I’ve been on 2 caps a day for the last 4 days. Training and eating like a maniac.

Holding under the tongue is not necessary
at all. I would not have had the recommendation
regarding that, but there was other expert opinion that there could be a difference, so the decision was made to include the recommendation. But certainly I wouldn’t do it longer than 30 seconds.

There is no reason to want to take on an empty stomach, or to avoid eating after taking it. Absorption probably is a little better with food (not demonstrated, but is so for most compounds.)

Sure, you can drink water (or Diet Coke is what I prefer.)

I don’t think the cap can be made bigger.

I hope you make excellent gains! Let us know!

Chuck: Try to find a baby medicine giver or something and avoid using the cap all together. There was a slew of posts a few weeks ago regarding this and lots of people had good suggestions (even a Nyquil top seemed to work well).