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Mag 10

Ok, sounds like Mag10 is great stuff and so ive bought a bottle today. My query is that I am about to go on a cutting cycle, so should I wait until Ive completed that before using it, use it first and then start my cutting cycle, or just use it during the cutting cycle? To be honest after reading everyone elses experience with the stuff im not sure I can wait to use it! If I use it will trying to lose bodyfat will I still be able to put on ANY lean muscle or would it just be a waste of the Mag10?

qaisar, I think cutting occurs automatically with Mag-10. I gained 10 pounds in 12 days on Mag-10 (I did twice daily dosage twice). I’m fairly lean to begin with, but during the cycle I couldn’t pinch any fat on my stomach. That occurred despite my eating like a horse. So you can and probably should eat a ton while on Mag-10 (as Biotest recommends) and still lose significant bodyfat…