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Mag 10

I am currently on a low carb/high protein/moderate fat diet. Can I stay on this during a Mag 10 cycle?

I wouldn’t. Take a look at some of the articles on Mag-10 in the previous issues and you’ll see that when on, you’re best bet for mass gains is at least 40% carbs with fat at or below 30%.

You can, but as T-mag and Bill Roberts, the guy who invented the stuff, have said over and over again, you need more carbs when using an anabolic for maximal results. Read the MAG-10 FAQ and the “Plan for Success” articles at T-mag.

Thanks. Would it be OK if after a 12 week cycle, 2 on and 2 off for 12 weeks using Tribex on the off weeks, that I go on a cutting cycle where I cut my calories down and complement my training with cardio? Would I during this phase lose any muscle that was gained during the mass cycle with Mag 10?

Jvall- Have you read the Growth Surge Project articles? Sounds like what you’re looking for.