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Mag 10 workouts

For those of you who have tried Mag 10…what type of split did you follow? Did you follow the recommended plan, or something different?

I have a hard time believing that anything could be more effective than the Growth Surge Project 2-a-days for a two week cycle. I’ve used this program twice on MAG-10 and the results have been phenomenal.

I have been on an HST workout since September, both on and off MAG-10. My strength and size gains have been constant and lasting. The only problem has been my shirt sleeves getting way too tight.

My first 2 week cycle, just took 1 serving a day before workouts (that’s late evenings fo me), did the same old stuff I’d been doing for the past 3 months (basically 45 minutes of HIT), I gained 9lbs of LBM and lost 4lbs of fat!