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MAG 10 Workout

A couple months ago I did MAG 10 with the growth surge project. After thinking back, I started wondering about the rep range in growth surge. I thought to put on mass, reps should be 8-12. However, growth surge reps are mostly 4-6 or 6-8. Any ideas guys? I’m thinking about doing either a 5x5 with mag 10 or something with reps around 8-10. What do you think?

i like to think about it as time under tension (TUT) do your 8-12 reps or your 4-6 reps. as long as the time under tension is there accordingly with the load then it is good. Take the amount of weight and multiply it by the time under load. Heavier weight, less time you need under load. Now for mass training i’ve read in t-mag that 40-70seconds is optimal. Find what weights you can do in those rep ranges for that amount of time. If you can improve on your numbers you will grow. laters pk

When I am on steroid or mag 10 cycle I usually do multiple sets of low reps. Whenever possible I do only negatives. I’ve put 20 lbs of pure muscle in two 2-week cycle (I used some other gear besides mag10).

I was wondering the same thing. I also did the growth sure, and was happy with the results. Hopefully Bill or Joel or someone can drop some knowledge on us for this question.