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Mag 10 Workout

When taking mag 10 and following the Growth Surge workout part 2, why is there no cardio? Would it inhibit muscle growth to do cardio once or twice a week? Thanks.

Go ahead and do 10-15 min light cardio to warm-up for your lifting, but if you do a lot more it can be detrimental to serious muscle growth. Cardio uses up valuable calories and if overdone, it will hinder recovery. Cardio definately has its place, but it does not fit well in the the GSP Stage 2.

I can’t say it’s proven but I’ve always felt
that cardio is an unnecessary drain on resources on weeks where growth is really being striven for.

Just curious what your motivation is for doing cardio on a bulking cycle. The only reason that would come to mind is maybe improving insulin sensitivity, but aside from that it’s kinda a waste. I hope you aren’t doing cardio while bulking in hopes that it will allow you to get bigger AND stay lean at the same time, cause as far as I’ve heard it really doesn’t work that way. (You may stay lean, but you’ll be seriously compromising your LBM gains).