MAG-10: Workout Routine?

Hey T-folks…

First I’ll give you a few details on my present state:

I’m 22 years old, been training for 2 years and I’m 194 cm tall (6’4 ?) and weigh 84 kilograms (185 lbs). Yeah, I’m a skinny bastard.
I’ve experienced okay strength gains over the last 2 years, but haven’t gained much size.
I bench 60 kilos (132 lbs), deadlift 115 kilos (230 lbs) and barbell row 60 kilos. I can do 3 sets of chinups with 8 reps.
I train at home and own an adjustable bench, various bars and 135 kilos (roughly 300 lbs) worth of plates.

After a lot of consideration I’ve chosen to try out MAG-10. I’m going to do the 2 week on and then 2 week off with M and Tribex-500. If I see good gains I might repeat.

I’ve pretty much got the diet part down. I’m going to eat every 4 hours and get plenty of protein (Aiming for 400 grams). My diet will consist mostly of chicken, tuna, rice and weightgainers.

My problem is choosing the right workout routine. I would basicly like to do sessions consisting purely of heavy compound movements. I would like to bench and barbell row twice per week and maybe deadlift twice too. Is it possible to make a reasonable routine that includes this?
The goal is to get a thicker core first (larger chest and back).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

(Oh BTW, please don’t advice me to wait with the MAG-10. I’ve already bought it and I am going to use it)

Since you have decided definitively that you are going to take the Mag-10 now, as lousy an idea as that is, you should at least understand that it’s not the same thing as a new creatine or protein powder…you are taking steroids (however short and benign your cycle may be)

That said, I would advise you in the strongest terms possible to choose a routine that has been devised by someone who knows a lot more than you do about training, rather than trying to make your own. Mag-10 is a serious tool, and you’d do well to make the most of your use of it.

There are enough training programs on this site to occupy you for the rest of your training life and then some…take the time, read them, think it through, pick one…

I think Chad Waterbury’s programs are ideal for gaining functional size but that’s just me…what you need to concern yourself with is widening your knowledge base…for example, neither the chest nor the back, if you mean the lats, is part of what is considered your ‘core’…You might want to know something like that before you do a cycle of Mag-10.

Anyway, you’ve made up your mind, best of luck, like I said, I think Waterbury’s stuff is great…I hope whatever you do works out for you

Since you’re going to use Mag-10 since you bought it, read the “Growth Surge Project” do what it says. It was designed with Mag-10 in mind. Oh, and eat like a horse (or two a day), or you’ll be wondering why it’s not ‘working’ properly.

Thanks for the replies so far.

I’ll read about the Growth Surge Project again then. I remembered it as a diet article though. Maybe I’m wrong.

Please keep the good advice coming. :slight_smile:

I second the suggestion of chad waterbury’s programs especially ABBH. Have you read chris shugart’s project evolutions in his blog? Now thats inspirtational.

walking tall… about a year ago i was your size (height and weight) and was able to gain a good 15lbs of muscle (actually gained 20lbs but had to cut some of the fat) in 2 months. i highly suggest you eat every two hours and pig out every second meal. just remember real foods will be able to do more for you that supplements. stay focused

I’m not sure you have your diet down as well as you think you do. Eating every four hours is not as good as eating every 2 hours. The recommended diet for a Mag-10 cycle is 5,000 kcal a day. If you’re only eating every 4 hours, assuming you’re going to be awake for a 12-16 hour day, you’re gonna be choking down over 1200 calories per meal in your 3-4 meals a day. 5 meals is a MINIMUM. Shoot for 8. Read Berardi’s Massive Eating. Read the Growth Surge project. I won’t tell you to not take MAG-10, although others have posted here that they agree you’re not ready for it. (Keep in mind that it has a long shelf life, your money won’t be wasted if you hold off for a while.) Start slowly ramping up your calorie intake now, so that it won’t be as much of a shock when you get on the mag-10 and are gorging yourself with that much food every day. Now, if you bothered to read all that stuff you didn’t want to hear and are still reading this, I’ll answer your question about training. Depending on what your specific goals are, there are lots of programs in t-mag that are great. Quattro Dynamo is an excellent way of taking advantage of Mag-10 because you work each body part 4 times a week. The Growth Surge project also outlines a workout. Lots of people advocate working out 2 times a day on cycle. As was suggested on another post, take your time and read through all the training programs and pick the one that suits your needs.

I’m gonna have to say that before you start your cycle, you really should get your diet down perfect, and once you’re used to consuming 800 Kcals, 6 times a day, that’s probably when you should start your cycle. If you can get used to this in a couple weeks, great. But you may realize that consuming this much food is a HUGE chore, and choose to hold off on the cycle for a while. It makes no sense to short change yourself and the supplements. Besides, you may realize that you can grow just fine without the Mag10 for the next few months/years.