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Mag 10 without M and Tribex

Who out there has used Mag 10 without using M and Tribex to recover? Did you notice any problems?

My first cycle of Mag10 went off without a hitch. I didn’t use the Tribex/M combo (and have yet to try it out), but I retained all of my gains via use of proper calorie intake.

Nice, let the EDTing/Cheaters Diet Begin

I did the same thing, and I had no problem afterwards. I even gained a few more lbs of lbm and pounds on lifts after the 2 weeks of mag10 was up. You just have to watch what you eat.

Why fool with the system? For some it may work abut for others it may not. Why risk losing any of your gains? If you don’t have the cash, maybe now isn’t the time for the cycle.

just use some zma

die horse, die!