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MAG-10 with Supplements?


Im wondering. I know it's highly recomended not to eat anything on pulse days but, does that also include daily vitamins/suplements, like Flameout and Superfood etc? And. there ls a nutrition store next to my gym and they sell berry flavored liquid protein tubes wich contain 50g of protein a tube. Can I consume one of those before a work out on pulse day?



You're welcome to take a daily vitamin or supplement like Superfood. However, try to avoid taking Flameout at the same time as your pulses because you wouldn't want it to interfere with the beneficial ingredients of the MAG-10.

We also wouldn't recommend adding extra protein or other sources of calories during a Pulse Fast. The best way to try it is just to follow the Pulse Fast directions.


Sweet thanx!


those tubes of protein have collagen protein as the main source, which the body does not readily assimilate. save your pennies for something else, regardless of whether or not it's a pulse day.


what is collagen protein?


Thanx man that's good to know. But I guess It wasn't all that waste of money. Because I kept the tubes and I use them to put my Surge recovery in. As well as my Metabolic Drive. Each tube contains one scoop. pretty convinient rather then having to take the 2 hole tubs with me or use sandwich bags. So worked out.


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