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Mag-10 while leaning out

hello t-men/women. my question is about Mag-10…of course i will do my own research, but i did want some realtime feedback. A friend of mine sold me some mag-10 for a mere 40 bux. however, right now i am working on leaning out big time. i was thinking about eating maintenance calories (3000-3500). With a moderate carb intake(100-175 grams) and about 250-300 grams of protein. Currently i am about 195 at 10-11%BF. Has anyone used this type of protocol with MAG-10? As i said packing on the pounds isnt really my goal, but is this just a waste? I wouldn’t mind putting on some lbm, but i do not want to gain fat. P.S. for training im going to stick with meltdown 1 as i just started and don’t want to change after only one week. anyone that has tried this let me know…or experts such as Bill. Thanks again

Lots of people use androgens like MAG-10 to lean out. See the “Steroid Dieting” article at T-mag for some info. I save MAG-10 for bulking up myself, and use 4-AD-EC or Methoxy-7 for leaning out, but opinions and preferences vary.

Use Mag-10 either to:

A. Bulk up. (ie, Massive Eating)

B. LBM protection. (ie, severe calorie reduction.

Anything else is just wishy-washing.