Mag 10 while dieting?

Coming out of lurk mode to ask for a little help.

I am walking down the aisle in a few weeks and have been working to ensure that, since I will have to look at all the silly pictures for a long time, I look as good as I can. I have been doing well since December both in adding mass and cutting down the fat, but I am still a little short of my goals.

I would like to bust it out the next couple of weeks to lose as much fat as possible without losing any mass (my fiancee doesn’t care about the mass, but I would hate to cry if I heard some of my T-man buddies whispering cruel things about my shoulder development or something).

I have two (of the original smaller bottles) of Mag 10 that I bought just in case this happened. Is it reasonable to use Mag 10 on a diet to lose fat without losing (or perhaps gaining some) mass?

I was thinking about using the Steroid Diet, which works out pretty close to T-Dawg 2.0 as far as macros.

Any thoughts? Can Mag 10 help? Can it hurt?

You don’t reall want to ‘waste’ your mag-10 while your dieting. T-dawg is a good diet and almost evryone who has used it around here has got great benefit. If you don’t over do CV and follow the T-dawg well you should not lose muscle.

Use some Hot rox or some other thermogenic if you want as assitance.

You really want to leave the mag-10 for the bulking.

It all burns down to what is higher on your priority of goals, mass later or losing fat fast.

Yes the Mag 10 can and has been used with great success during dieting for preservation of LBM. Allowing you to drop your k/cals to pretty extreme levels.

I personally would rather save it for adding some LBM during a bulk, but hey it is all about personal choice.

Hope that helps,