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Mag 10 while Cutting

I was thinking of using some Mag 10 I’ve got during my cutting cycle. I have my diet nailed down pretty much perfect. I do not appear to be losing much muscle and I’m losing fat at an acceptable rate (1.5 lbs a week); as of my last measurement with that 1.5 lbs of fat I lost about 1/4lb of muscle. I do something very similar to T-Dawg focusing on low carb, moderate protein and fat meals with the exception of post workout where I get a PWO drink of dextrose and whey followed by a second P+C meal of whole foods in the same ratios as my PWO shake focusing more on brown rice and chicken breast with as little fat as possible (ideally none).

I was wondering what the effect of slightly lowering calories during my low-carb phase (including on my entire low carb days which are “off” days on weights) would do if I included Mag 10 in the mix. I am curious if I could lower calories a significant amount and still not lose much muscle while cutting even more fat per week, perhaps getting upwards of 2 lbs/week?

I know under normal circumstances anything more than 1 lb/week is going to risk muscle mass loss, but I was curious if I could tinker with low calories a little more on the Mag 10 for faster loss. I have 8 weeks until I take off for some vacation and want to maximize my results in that amount of time (gotta have goals right?). My PWO nutrition would remain the same since I believe that its basically perfect at this point. The only times I’ll be screwing around with calories is for P+F meals on “On” days and on my “Off” days where I will get a maximum of about 25g-30g of carbs in 1 meal.


Do a search for an article called “Steroid Dieting” I believe TC wrote it.


This can work you’re just not going to get near the gains as you would with typical eating during a PH cycle. Just make sure to keep the protein intake up there.

IMO I would leave cutting with cutting and gaining with gaining. The same way you gain a some fat while bulking you’ll more than likely lose a little muscle when cutting. Save the mag for bulking, but thats just me.

IMO i think you may find yourself better off with 4ADEC… I have done this with Mag-10 but i would save it for when you wish to … grow…