Mag-10 while Cutting

I am starting to lean out while on mag-10 and wanted everyone’s opinion. I am using t-dawg 2.0 with a few alterations. If I am cutting calories (both carb/fat/protein) every six days, would it be more effective in retaining muscle mass to take the Mag-10 in a 1 week on, 1 week off cycle? Rather than the traditional 2 on 2 off cycle? Has anyone tried this method for cutting? Any input would be appreciated.

I’d say your best bet would be to use the mag-10 in conjunction w Hot Roxx, the HR will preserve your mass gains really well. Another good suggestion is to make sure and use methoxy when not on the mag-10, to help you lean out as well as work with the HR to preserve mass. Basically you have a lot of options supplement wise.

Save money though! Don’t worry about M, or Tribex on such short cycles. The mag10, maybe HR and methoxy will cost enough and will be most important.

I’ve personally never experienced much with M at all. I’m sure it works I’m just saying you money will best be spent on the mag10 and HR.

I’ve read about people doing 1/2 serving every day while setting calories at lbm x 8 and actually gaining a little muscle mass. It’s powerful stuff.

Anyone try the method Macaijah mentioned? sounds interesting, although bodyweight times 8 seems awfully low, thatd be 1,664 for me (208). Any other succesful methods not mentioned here on mag-10 while cutting? also mention any unsuccesful experiences if you got em.

I have used Mag 10 at 1/2 dose in conjunction with Hot-rox. Works very well for me. The scale will move down very slowly so don’t focus on your weight or you will go crazy.

FYI when I started dieting I was 220 and ranged from 1500-1900 calories a day with little muscle lose. Currently I am holding at a comfortable 175-180. My mass period will start in 2 weeks:)