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mag-10 while cutting..

I have 2 bottles of mag-10 that i was saving for an 8 week bulking cycle come OCT. but I just ran into some extra cash, and was thinking about using the bottles for the last 4 weeks of my cutting cycle, by my best estimations im 6 foot 180 about 10-11 percen,t I can see my ribs and 2 abs, would it be a huge waste of money to do this or would I possible able to get my six pack in 4 weeks, and maybe gain a little muscle? I am on a T-dawg diet with a little less carbs than they suggest about 20 on non workout and 60 on workout. whaddya boys think?

I forgot to say that I have been doing meltdown training for the last 2 weeks this’ll be my third week and am friggin loving it, and I am also on liquid clenbutrx…

I dont’ think it would be too bad an idea. Do a search for “Steroid Dieting” by Cy Wilson. It’ll give you a good plan to use along with your Mag-10. Basically, androgens allow you to take calories much lower and do more cardio/HIIT than usual without losing muscle. Good luck.

what about a delta diet? but in keto 20/70 grams of carbs everday depending on whether its a workout day and going between 1750-2500 with no carb up for 4 weeks? the mag-10 would definetly help while im in keto for that long…wouldnt it?

I did a search for steroid dieting/diet and cy wilson but I cant find the danged thing could someone give me a lin?

I’ve heard for years that you cannot cut fat and gain muscle at the same time. Wrong. Since MAG-10 came out I’ve lost 60 lbs of fat and added 30 lbs of muscle. I alternate between two weeks cutting and bulking cycles. I keep my carbs up mostly with beans and green veggies and keep the fat to under 20%. I have to admit that I’ve stayed on the MAG-10 for up to three months and after two weeks of Tribex and M was back to normal. I’m 46 and have been following T-mag’s advice since they started the site. All I can say is that when my fat loss stalled MAG-10 got it going again. Don’t forget the MD-6 and T2Pro.