MAG-10. what's with the 400g pro. 500g. carbs?

I’ve been taking mag-10 for about a week. and i’m about 230, 31 years old. i’m not fat, but no abs in sight ! when i originally read about mag-10, it suggested a protien intake of 400 grams, and a carb intake of at least 500 grams !!.. now that’s a ton of food !!.. I myself can’t possibly eat that much in one day (and have it all “good” food)… i’m doing good to do about 350 grams of protien and 200 grams of carbs, low fat (i don’t count fat grams)… is there others who think how i do ??..biotest suggestions go way beyond what i’ve always read. I would like to know other opinions on what to consume per day, or someone else’s experience on food consumption with mag-10. (i am referencing biotest mag-10 “plan for success”)

The MAG-10 eating suggestions are based on how you’re supposed to eat while on steroids for optimal gains, so they make sense since MAG-10 is steroid-like. There have been a few people post here that they did not dramatically increase calories and still put on muscle. Some even dropped calories and lost fat and gained some muscle at the same time. (See MAG-10 Support Group). But if you really want to pack on some mass, use the suggested diets. Far too many people try to look like bodybuilders but eat like birds!

There’s no answer to your question really. You just need to sack up and eat. Try several calorically dense protein shakes between meals. Chris Shugart has a recipe for these in one of his Dawg School articles at t-mag.