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Mag-10 what workout should I use

I plan to start a 12 week cycle of Mag-10, Tribex-500, and M in January. I was wondering what people thought would be a good workout to have to do this. I will be following my own diet a slight variation to the get big diet. But what do people think should be the best workout (in their opinion) while doing this cycle. I was considering doing the first 6 weeks with a dave draper routine. I did it once for 2 months, it was very tuff but I enjoyed it and felt that I got stronger, more endurance and a little definition. Then the last 6 weeks I would do a Westside workout. Its that or just do a whole 12 weeks Westside. I also plan on doing for the first time while on it GPP workouts (HIT running, farmer walking, jump rope, jumping routines). Well tell me what you think, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also should I load up on creatine as I do this Mag-10 cycle.

  1. What are your goals? Size, strength?

2) 12 weeks is really pushing it on your endocrine system. I think Bill Roberts recommends 8 weeks max, and then recovery aids such as Tribex + M or Clomid are neccesary.

I just finished an eight week program following the Mag 10 Plan for Success to a ‘T.’ I’m 6’1" and went from 190 to 215 in that period of time. Per program recommendations I used the Mag 10 for two weeks, followed by two weeks of Tribex and ‘M,’ and then repeated the four weeks again. I’ve got a small gym at home so the two-a-day lifting plan worked well for me. One of the best parts of the program is that you’re practically engorged with blood all day long for two weeks at a time…I love the feeling. My strength went through the roof and I highly recommend it.