MAG-10: What the UN-moderated forums are saying...

Okay, we know what critics say about this forum: “It’s moderated! They only let the positive messages through!” Okay, then let’s look at what’s being said about MAG-10 on some unmoderated, open forums.

I found one forum that has been vociferously ANTI-Biotest for weeks, absolutely howling at what a flop MAG-10 will be. It can’t work! No way! They’re such liars, they have NO ethics!

So now MAG-10’s been out for a coupla weeks, and the SAME forum now reads (actual quotes, each from a different post):

I think the stuff is working great. More pumps and larger poundage at the gym also... Say what you want about Biotest but this product is the real deal...So far, I'm completely blown away. Worth the money? To me, yes... i feel that mag-10 truly is the real deal... Yes, I think that I will be sending T-mag and Biotest a Christmas card this year!... Guys, I've been around for around for a while and I have to give this one a thumbs up... MAG-10 is a product that lived up to my expectations... Many more, but I'll stop there.

What follows are the usual critics (who happen to operate competitor companies) challenging the applause, even though stats were posted.

I know!!! That forum is such bullshit…especially Par Deus, he is such an asshole.

i know what u mean. I post as thegame2183 at that forum. Gnostic and I were trying to post our results for all to see, and all i get are flames from the moderators.

I agree. I hate those forums… you have to pay to be a member and all they do is god other compaines. Has anyone ever been to Par Deus’ supplement site. What a crock! I stick with my T-Men.

It’s funny how all these “other sites” attack T-mag while at the same time doing everything they can to copy the mag and the supplements. Except of course they do a really shitty, almost laughable, job at it. Pathetic. It’s jealousy, trying to tackle the one with the ball, that’s it. T-mag is #1, plain and simple. And they’re really good people I truly believe. The “other sites” just come off negative, bitter, and sleazy.

I have been reading those sites as well, everyone has their own opinoin. What gets me is that they are saying how shitty M-10 is and that those companies 1-T products are going to be great, and nobody has tried it yet! AMAZING. Curious to here what comes of it. By the way, does anyone know what androsta-1,4-dione-3,17dione is? Does this have any estrogenic properties or any other negatives?

Zeppelin, androsta-1,4-diene-3,17dione
is a not-particularly-good naming for
the compound sold by Impact Nutrition
as Equibolan – a supplement idea Bill
Llewellyn came up with.

Easiest way to explain it is that this
compound is to boldenone (Equipoise)
as androstenedione is to testosterone.
Like androstenedione, it’s inherently
inactive, and is converted by the 17bHSD
enzyme to the active steroid.

It seemed like a very promising idea.
However it doesn’t seem to do well for
people. I even tried it with an Androsol-like
delivery system – was going to call the
stuff Equisol if it worked, and I was corresponding with Bill L about our buying
the compound from them for production – but it proved to just absolutely had no significant anabolic value. (Which is why you’ve never
heard of it.) It was totally useless at least
for me. So at least in my case, even when
delivering massive amounts of the prohormone,
nothing happens.

I don’t know if conversion to estrogen is
a major issue. I didn’t seem to have problems
of any kind when using prototype Equisol,