Mag-10 weight gain

I am thinking about getting on mag-10 this sumemr when i am out of school and have some money, but i dont really want to lose the beach look to much, I should be about 170 at 7% bf by this summer this is smaller than i want to be but id rather be shredded , my question is how much fat will i gain if i go on mag-10’s cycle and the nutririon reccomendations i have read about. in massive eating, etc.

Fat gain should be negligible.

If there were no muscle growth, and no increase of metabolism on androgens, then increasing calories 1000 per day above maintenance could pack on 2 lb of fat per week, and no more. However, with the caloric demands of rapid muscle growth and the increased metabolism of androgen use, fat gain
should be quite low or zero.

Those who pack several pounds of fat on in 2 weeks when trying to follow the recommendations, are eating more than recommended!