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MAG-10 w/ PCT

I was wondering if anyone has used MAG-10 at the end of a cycle. I’m thinking that MAG-10 won’t shut you down much and that towards the end of a cycle I would do the HCG @ 500iu’s a day for 10 days then about 1 week after the last shot of AAS I’d start the MAG-10 along with Clomid and run it out for about a month.



bro, I could be wrong, but I believe the active life of the MAG-10 is as high as 24hrs…This is not what you want as your body’s circadian rhythm will have no opportunity to produce endogenous test…NOt to mention the fact that 1-test binds to the ar rather avidly, which will lead to suppression…The good thing about MAG-10 is that it doesn’t aromatize so no inhibition from that aspect…I will comment on it’s potency: 9caps MAG-10/d “felt” like 20mg dianabol to ME…For the former reasons, I decided to try dianabol in the am w/ my pct recently and am liking it.


I would avoid MAG-10 during PCT.
I found it was suppressive
If you must use something try 4AD.
Although I’m hoping Carbolin 19 comes through for PCT. I’ll be using it with Nolv when I come off