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MAG-10 vs. Peptopro


what is the difference? what is the advantage of MAG-10


Both are CH protien, but they are standardized to different specifications (amino profiles) and I believe Biotest ads leucine.


do we know the amino profiles


Pretty sure that is going to be proprietary information.

But to answer your question, MAG-10 is a superior protein since it not only contains leucine along with the casein hydrolysate but it has citrulline malate, potassium, calcium and phosphorus to boot.


It is also significantly more expensive.

I believe the amino profile of MAG10 was addressed a while back - at least in regards to a comparison between it and PeptoPro. You can find the PeptoPro amino acid profile easily enough as it is posted in quite a few places online.


Mag10 has flavor shots.



Crystal light.

I buy pepto pro and add Biotest leucine


Significantly? not quite.

Peptopro: from retail raw protein manufacturers - about $30/lb plus shipping

MAG-10: About $38/lb, free shipping and also includes citruline malate and the liquid flavoring.


Yeah. I've also heard a lot of people say peptopro is tons cheaper. But I've looked and all I've been able to come up with really isn't cheaper. It's a ton cheaper per serving, but the peptopro serving is only 10 grams.


it IS cheaper but then again it isnt the same product... i was just about to put in an order for a bunch of MAG-10's but after the price jump i think im going with peptopro. not all that much cheaper, but cheaper none the less


peptopro is essentially the protein portion of 1 serving of MAG-10.

1 serving peptopro = 10g total / 10g protein

1 serving MAG-10 = 21.55g total / 10g protein.

Presumably the other 12g is citrulline malate and leucine. So peptopro is a lot cheaper PER GRAM OF PROTEIN but not much cheaper PER SERVING OF PRODUCT.

Just look at the labels.


Based on taste (extreeme sour flavor), a large majority of the 12 g is citrulline.

It'd be better to have complete proteins than uber dosages of citrulline/leucine esp when considering how many serving Biotest recommends... do we really need 20 some grams of citrulline?


Cost is a HUGE factor for folks living outside of the USA. For example, MAG-10 is retailing in the UK at £70 pounds a tube; while a rival supplement company is currently offering Peptopro (flavoured 500g bags) at £14 pounds. Yes, it doesn't have leucine and citrulline malate (these can be added anyway) but that kind of price disparity is hugely significant.

I am a huge fan of T-Nation, Biotest products, hell even this forum, but subscribing to the ANACONDA and MAG-10 protocols is a very expensive business for many ordinary Joes. Perhaps this is best revealed unwittingly in Biotest's own marketing for the latest MAG-10 pitch - regarding the 'rock star' who's assistant hands him the shake when he pitches up at the studio. Fine, but the same guy lives in a world where he's getting handed chilled vintage champagne on Saturday night by his now scantily glad PA! Lucky b*****d!


What price jump?



That makes no sense. If peptopro serving is 10 grams and all 10 grams are protien, there are no free aminos.

MAG-10 is 19 grams of aminos+protien of which I guess could be at most 9 grams citrulline malate minus whatever is luecine.

Anyone else surprised this thread is still here?

I was hoping a MOD would comment.


Citrulline directly modulates muscle protein synthesis. Something to think about when choosing between Peptopro and MAG-10. The cost of the additional citrulline makes MAG-10 worth it IMO.



Regarding pricing:

Protein prices have increased dramatically recently. 65% increase minimum.


Well if incubated muscle tissue from 3 month old rats doesn't shout "case closed" about the effects of CM what does?


what's the cause of this?


I've tried and tried to stomache Anaconda I can't. Today I broke out the Surge Workout Fuel, combined it 1 scoop MAG-10, and creatine. I got it down and exerted max output on my leg day. I had the best workout In 6 weeks and I'm pumped I got some CH down during my workout w/o hurling.