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MAG-10 vs. Metabolic Drive


Hey Jim,

To say I'm skeptical about most supplements would be an understatement. My feeling is that, like the vitamin industry, it's 85% bullshit supported by marketing and designed to make money off gullible people. With that said I do believe in some proven principles and one of those is protein. Ideally I would satisfy all my protein needs with whole foods but, like everyone else, I'm crazy busy and there are only so many hours in the day (to prepare, cook, transport, store, etc.)

Enter protein powder. I've tried many and although I have my "favorites", can't say I've ever been able to tell much of a difference between them. You seem to believe in Biotest products and since I'm an avid follower of your program want to give a few of them a shot.

So my question to you is: Do you consider MAG-10 superior to Metabolic Drive and, if so, why? What justifies the additional $23 per?

Thank you,



I would say get what ever fits your budget man, protein is protein. I like anything with a high protein content, a lot of servings in it and decent price. But at the end of the day food is a shit load more important.


With Wendler selling his book on T-Nation and hosting this forum I don't think that he's going to tell you it's not worth it, assuming that it's not of course. It very well could be worth it to him. I've used MAG-10 before but the price just go to be too much for me and found other brands of BCAA's to be fine as well.

As EHG said above, food is the most important thing. From what I can tell there are very few worthwhile supplements. My short-list of what I actually use right now...

  • Whey protein
  • Caffeine pill (green tea extract, 200mg / pill)
  • Creatine Mono
  • Arginine Orinthinie (spelling? - I'm actually dropping it because a couple Journals I read on related research indicated it doesn't do anything)
  • Fish Oil capsules
  • ZMA
  • GABA

I want to try a pair of supplements that research indicates actually do work, probably buying them tonight actually.
- Betaine (spelling?)
- Xpand2 (this might get deleted because it's a competitive product to TNation)


My supplement list is similar, if a bit smaller:

-Daily multi
-Fish Oil (makes my joints feel better and is allegedly a natural anti-inflammatory)
-Protein (usually some blend though casein before bed)
-Creatine (definitely a believer. I'm not sure it makes me "stronger" but it definitely helps with recovery)

Tried ZMA and while it did seem to help me sleep better, and without interruption, it also made me break out something fierce. Scrapped it. I'm not living paycheck to paycheck and can afford supplements, but also don't want to spend $300/month on various stacks; a man needs beer money too.

Just curious as to how or why (people believe) MAG-10 is superior (over say Metabolic Drive), and what justifies the extra cost, which adds up over the year.




Honestly, I would say they're different supplements and shouldn't be compared. It's almost like comparing apples to oranges or at the very least comparing red apples to green apples.


Better recovery, no bloat or stomach issues, better tasting.


I was just going to reply with what Jim said. I must have digestion problems with whey or the dairy in most protein powders. Maybe I don't take in enough fiber with them but I end up getting bloated and constipated. But MAG-10 is like drinking juice, magical protein packed juice. No bloat and no constipation.