Mag 10 vs Animal stack

The reason I’M asking how good is animal stack compared to mag 10 is that I can get animal stack at my local gym right now but they told me it would be a least 3 month befor they actualy get mag 10 for resale. My gues is they want to get rid of old stock befor bringing in something new.

For God’s sake, wait on the MAG-10. That’s like comparing 1 gram of test per week to HMB! Animal Stack sucks and has sucked for years!

Um, you can’t order it online or find a store nearby that sells the good stuff?

I figured as much. The thing is I come from N.B. Canada and to have mag 10 shipped here is a gamble with my money! I’M still loking for someone around that selles it. Any help on this would be great!