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MAG-10 vs 4AD/Bill Roberts

Bill, I was just curios about your opinion on the difference between the two supps. I have in my possession 4 bottles of Myostat and 5 of MAG-10 (along with all of the support supps for MAG-10)and am looking to start up a cycle in a couple of weeks. I really like what MAG-10 has done in the past. Originally I was going to double up on MAG-10 for 2 weeks/off 1-2 with Tribex and M, and then 6 weeks of 4AD. But I found a great deal on MAG-10 and bought 3 new bottles. My goal is to gain approx 15-20# of new muscle and hopefully keep it (with the help of the MYOSTAT). Is using MAG-10 over 4AD hold any advantages or is 4AD better for the goal of muscle gain. I am a little confused so a little help will go a long way. BTW, I will start when my BF% gets to 8%(4 more weeks of cutting), is it allright to go from a low-cal cutting plan right into a massive eating plan while on MAG-10 or am I going to be setting myself up for fat gain by not easing into the eating portion. My intensity will be very high and I will be following the MAG-10 plan for success guidelines. Thanks

4-AD-EC is quite effective for mass gains but MAG-10 is even more so. 4-AD-EC is better for CNS stimulation; for increasing libido; may have no adverse effect on the hair while MAG-10 would count as “mild” as androgens go as opposed to being no effect; and probably is less inhibitory on natural T production while using the product. It is also less expensive. So in some cases one product will be preferred, while in others the other will.

You’ll do fine with the MAG-10 you already have: no need to buy the 4-AD-EC as well, I’d think, unless you have a specific goal in the future such as what’s intended to be a mild cycle that’s low-suppressive, or something like that.