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MAG-10 usage (prolong)

My first question is i want to use mag-10 for a prolong cycle (particularly for a cutting cycle). I remember it said on the MAG-10 faq that you can go on i for up to eight weeks straight, but you have to take 8 weeks off…I want to try it because I hate doing the 2 weeks on 2weeks off b.s. Any advice

I think Bill Roberts (inventer of MAG-10) has said that that 2 and 2 “BS” gives you better overall gains than 8 straight weeks.

If you’re in a hurry though – for example, your priority is how you look exactly 8 weeks from now – then 8 weeks straight is a faster approach. You’d certainly want at least Tribex + Vitex or Tribex + M, and really if you can get Clomid I would use Clomid + Tribex when going 8 weeks.

Question: I’m going to start a prolonged MAG-10 cycle for 8 weeks. When do I start taking the Tribex? Same time as the MAG-10, halfway through the cycle, or just at the end?

you just need to take the Tribex and or M at the end of the cycle to help get your natural T levels back up. it wouldnt really do anything during the cycle.

I’m going to be using Mag 10 during an HST phase. The problem is that if I go 2 weeks off, using Tribex and M to return my levels to normal, I would be ready to go back on Mag10 at the time I am taking my detraining period. Obviously, I don’t want to be on Mag 10 while I’m not lifting!! So should I just skip the Tribex and M, and wait the four weeks, and resume Mag10 usage?

Nic…thanks for the feedback! Kind of what I thought, but it’s nice to be sure! Cheers!

I did eight weeks of MAG-10, two caps twice a day. I’m 6’5"-243 lbs and 46 years-old. I stopped maiking gains in the 5th week. At the end of the cycle I started Tribex at eight caps daily and was my old hory self in a week. Two months later I did four, two on, two off cycles and gained 4 lbs with less fat. All in all the two on/two off was more effective. I ended up gaining almost the exact same amount of muscle. Dieting for fat loss sucks. For me fat loss is 90% diet and thermos. Cardio doesn’t help much.