MAG-10 Update

Just an update on the limited edition MAG-10. We had only 2000 mega-bottles to begin with and it looks like we’re down to about half that now - last numbers I saw were from Tuesday afternoon.

Interesting info:

  • Largest order so far from one person: 20 bottles. Yep, that’s $4000 bucks. We’ve also had numerous 10 bottle orders.

  • Most common order: two to three bottles.

  • We’re estimating there won’t be any left after this coming weekend.

My tip: Get with friends and order at least 3 bottles. That way you get another $50 off each bottle. (Per bottle is $250, but order three or more and it drops to $200, less than half price. Remember, each 420 capsule bottle contains the equivalent of five bottles of the old size.)

My first car didn’t cost $4,000.

Bank officer: “And why do you wish to mortgage your home?”

T-Man: “Muscle.”

Got my three monster bottles ordered!

If only weddings weren’t so expensive.


I’m just waiting for a job offer I’m pretty sure I’m going to get. If it looks like a good number, then it’s 2 or 3 bottles. If it’s a not-so-good number, then we’ll see.

Big bucks, no whammies, big bucks, no whammies…

Damn. I spent all my money on day one, before the new offer.

I notice most of online retailers stop selling Andro to anyone in California. This goes for Mag-10 too. I just put in an order from Biotest. Do you guys ship to anywhere in USA? Or do you have the California ban?

aatguy: This question is more appropriate for Biotest customer service. Please contact them and they’ll be glad to help you out. Thanks!

Phone: 800-525-1940


Will you guys post a message when you sell out the Mag-10? I’m hoping to get some cash before it sells out.