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Mag-10 Update

Hey there gang,

Just though that i would update you on my Gains with Mag 10 Cycle so far. Wednseday will be my 2 week cycle over on it, and will be moving to the Tribex/M cycle for 2 weeks then back onto Mag-10

So far not really had much weight gain. started at 168lb and after the 2 weeks i am now at about 173, so about a 5lb gain.

I have been heavier on some dates, but i think that was just extra water, as after an intence workout i lost that extra weight.

As far as workouts go. They have been amazing, and had extreame pumps and energy during the workouts and my bench has increased by a few extra reps and a bit more weight.

I usually work out Mon, Tue, Thr, Fri and Sun

Workouts are usually full body workouts, chest, bi’s, tri’s, shoulders, back and abs

legs i tend to just use my bike or incorperate squats into my workout.

I know ppl say 2 body parts per workout, but i prefer the full body workouts

Anyway, thats my say

Hoping to see better increases on the next cycle of Mag 10. Prolly could do with eating more though too.

At the moment i am eating 5 or 6 meals, bringing in around 3000 - 4000Kcal, 300g protien, 400 carbs, 100 fats.

Any comments will be cool on this post too, also prolly gonna take it a little easier well on the Tribex/M cycle to try gain a little more weight, might just cut down to 3-4 workouts a week ?

Cheers for listening

Paul Govier

Gaining five pounds in under two weeks is very good. Don’t complain! For an experienced trainer, five pounds of muscle a year is good (assuming no roid use.)

You should double your carb intake.

Hey man…

I just started the same cycle myself. Except im stacking with 1ad. How many CALS do you consume during the day?

Im eating all i can eat but only getting around 2200 cals…

check this… here is my current diet. maybe you can get some ideas and please post your diet and hopefully i can get some ideas to up my cals…

Daily food Mike, ok this is a typical day. I try to force as much as i can down my throat without being sick.
7.30am - High Protien shake (46g Protien)
10.30am - Chicken Sandwich
1.30pm - Chicken Sandwich + Protien Bar
4.30pm - Tuna Sandwich
6.00pm - Hour and a half at Gym
7.30pm - High protien shake
9.30pm - Chicken/Potatoes/salad/penuts, etc
11.00pm - Protien shake or small carb meal

On non training days i might miss a sandwich or post workout shake


Paul Govier