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Mag-10 update, where art thou?


Where the fuck is our update? C-mon t staff, c-mon.... =)


Patience, young Paduwan.

It's 5:30 EST and the new issue isn't out yet. Usually appears in the evening. Check back after 7:00pm EST.

(Man. I can say "Patience!" but I don't feel it. This IS the most eager I've been to see an issue of TMag since I started reading.)


AAAAARRRRGGGG!!!!! The suspense is killing me!!!




its now 8:14 no issue? very upsetting


Whats upsetting is how its such a big deal. Chill.


It's funny, I was just about to place my first order of Mag-10 last friday, finally decided that it was time to give it a go, and then I saw the article. So after waiting all this time to get to just the right point in my training where I decided to get an anabolic bonus and go all out, I end up having to wait another week. Man am I hyped out about this new formula, gagagagaga!!! Chompin at the bit! Chompin at the bit! Chomp! Chomp!


I think they are waiting on it just to make us suffer.
Come on guys, I have a friday night I have to tend to.


In three minutes it will be 9:00pm est. The tension is rising. I can feel it.


i guess i missed something, im relitively new here.. what r u guys talkin about?


Yeah, Jodgey, we're like the ice cream man. When the kids come running, we speed up a little, just to torture 'em!

[insert smiley face thingy here]

The update was a little later than normal today. All up now. Here's the MAG-10 article: