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MAG-10 Two-Week Results

So far we have quite a few reported results
from MAG-10 cycles, but, more certainly would

If you’ve finished a MAG-10 cycle, it would be great if you could post your weight gain,
estimated LBM gain, measurement increases,
strength increases, and also DOSAGE. If you did something different than the recommended diet, a brief explanation of your diet would help everybody.

If you finished your cycle a week or more
ago, it would also be great if you could
report changes between end of cycle and now.
Retention of gains has so far been excellent from what I’ve heard but more reports would be very helpful.


Or if more convenient, weight change and estimated change
in fat, instead of estimated LBM gain.

I’m 29 years old. Started MAG-10 at a bodyweight of 222lb (I’m 6’0")after finishing a 4 week cycle of low cals with reduction of bodyfat as main objective. As I began the cycle of MAG-10, I brought my cals to maintenance and kept protein at 40% carbs 30% and fat 30%. I realized that this would not yield the extensive strength/lean tissue gains, but I wanted to test MAG-10 out and continue to burn fat as I’m preparing to compete in a bodybuilding comp. in the spring. I did not take caliper measurements at the start of the cycle(I feel there is a great margin for error), but I did take measurements 4 weeks prior to beginning MAG-10 and it was approximately 12% and at that time I weighed 232lb. In addition, I take pictures of myself on a weekly basis and plan to continue to do so through May 2002. I document diet in detail as well. I have to admit, I did not “feel” the pumps that others had reported. I assumed that it may have been because I had been on a low carb diet for the weeks prior to the MAG-10 cycle and I still had cals at maintenance levels.

I frontloaded on the first day and then took one dose per day for the next seven days. I was not feeling the pumps and strength increases as I usually did when I used heavy doses of androsol, so I decided to try 2 doses on the 8th day through the end of the 2 week cycle. It was at this point that I felt the surge into my muscles during my workouts. After I finished the cycle, the holidays arrived and I began eating in excess of 7000 cals per day of lots of everything especialy carbs and I really felt everything swell up. I’m now about 232lb. Muscles are full and hard, but this may also be due to the carb loading affect. I’m wondering if 2 doses per day for heavier guys would be appropriate. I might also welcome any feedback as to how best to utilize MAG-10 for cutting cycles. I did not notice any distinct increase in libido during the MAG-10 cycle. Did not notice any negative side effects whatsoever. I’ve noticed some slight testicular shrinkage in the past while using heavy doses of androsol, but nothing of the sort with the MAG-10.

Spacemonkey, I appreciate you letting us know how you did, but it really seems hard to gauge how well you did when you didn’t keep any record of bodyfat. You said that you lost weight, but what about lean body mass? Did you lose alot of strength. It really would be hard to say that the Mag10 caused the big pumps when you say you went from low carbs to 5lbs of stuffing. Can you ellaborate on this? Did you look more muscular?


Dave- I did conduct bodyfat measurements, but this was the day after Thanksgiving and it was 12% using Lange Calipers and the six site measurements. I perform bodyfat calculations on my clients(I work as a personal trainer) and I’m amazed at how much variation there seems to be depending on which method is used and the equipment as well as the technician. For this reason, I’m much happier with tracking my results with a weekly snapshot of myself which I will continue to do through May 2002 and through future cycles of MAG-10. Many times when you calculate bodyfat and you utilize calipers you have to consider fluid retention under the skin. In the past, I have taken skinfold measurements on a daily basis through periods of both cutting phases and mass gain phases of diet. I’ve found that my bodyfat “percentage” could be 12% one day and 15% the next and then back down to 11% a few days later. Depending on your macronutrient profiles and water intake and the time of day that you take the measurements, the “percentage” could vary greatly. This is why I don’t pay too much attention to it anymore. I change my approach to diet pretty frequently and tracking my results(as unscientific as it may sound)comes from looking in the mirror and monitoring strength increases or decreases as well as muscle fullness and vascularity. I can tell you that the photos that I took before and after the MAG-10 cycle would indicate noticable yet not extreme improvements in muscle size and hardness. I do realize I did not use MAG-10 as most of the other participants on the board have, but I have different objectives at this point in time and I was really excited to give MAG-10 a test run.

First let me say I’m cursed. Genetically cursed, not old gypsy lady cursed. I’m 38, 5’ 11’’, been training for two years with weights and the typical skinny fat guy build. I was very thin till late 20’s then started putting on fat until I was 200+ and lord knows what BF%. At 35 decided to get my sh*t all in one bag and started eating right and working out. Made it to 175 and 15%BF, my goal is 185 and 10-12%. My eating has went to hell in the last couple months and my weight has crept up to 177-178, 15-16%BF. Started on mag-10 12 days ago. Have kept my protein at 1.5g/#lbm but the rest of my eating has been typical holiday garbage. I have hit each body part once a week, heavy weights low reps, multiple exercises per bodypart, 4-6 working sets each exercise. The second week I added a lot of drop sets as well. I seem tobe sensitive to many supplements so I started at 5mls per day and have worked my way up to 9mls. Results 186# and same 15-16%BF. Now I’ve got a couple questions: I have found out that starting the third week of January I will be doing a lot of traveling for 4-6 weeks and consistent work outs will not be possible. Therefore I’m thinking about staying on for another two weeks while I have the chance, cleaning up the diet, switching to meltdown training and trying to lose some fat. What are your opinions? Second question: what will the testicle situation be like if I do this? I have never used real steroids and have only used androsol in a morning only protocol(I had no problems with this).I don’t seem tobe having any problems so far and I have the tribex and vitex for after. Any recommendations? Mr. Roberts?

I started my Mag-10 cycle four weeks ago at 170 pounds, maintaining 8% bodyfat on a diet of 2200 calories, 125 grams of carbs, 170 grams protein per day. I took singe doses of Mag-10 daily, increased calories to 3800, 400 grams carbs, 360 grams protein. Weight at the end of two weeks was 184 at 9.5% bodyfat. I reduced calories slightly for two weeks to about 3000 daily, with the same ratio of carbs/protien, and currently am weighing 180, little if any reduction in bodyfat. I’m estimating I put on and am maintaining a SOLID 8 pounds of lean mass. I’m about to start my second two week cycle tomorrow, and hoping for another 8-10 pounds. All I have to say is that Mag-10, Bill Roberts, and Bio-test are a dream come true! This stuff ROCKS, has blown away my expectations, and is worth EVERY penny!

I finished a 2 week MAG-10 cycle a week ago. I started a 3 week Finasol cycle (1 cart/bottle, 70 sprays, 2/day) in mid-September that took me from 136 (okay, I’m Mr. Punyverse) to 141. The MAG-10 cycle took me from 141 to 147. Bodyfat stayed the same, around 7%, with a hard appearance and great pumps. I did my best at Massive Eating, but fell short 500 calories or so per day. Dosage was 9 ml, 2/day. The cycle ended just before Christmas, so I did a couple of total body workouts, started using M, and then left town. I got back yesterday and hit the gym for the first time. Weight was the same, still looked pretty good, but strength was down. I probably would have seen even better results from the MAG-10 cycle if it had not followed the Finasol cycle and I had eaten more, but a 11 pound gain in 3 months is great. I’ll wait a couple of months and then repeat the GSP.

Mr Tuttle, if you use Tribex and M after
4 weeks of MAG-10, you should have no problems
with regards to testicle size.

Thanks for the report of your results!

I just finished my first 2 week MAG-10 cycle. I started the program at 169 lbs and 10 % BF. I am 6 foot tall so you can see that I was thin.

 Here are the results:   == >

I gained 11 lbs. of LBM, BF % stayed at 10-11%, strength increased on most lifts by 5-10%. I took 2 doses a day for the whole 2 weeks, I also did 2 a day workouts per the Growth Surge project part 2.

My food journal shows that for Week 1 my average caloric intake was 1000 cal BELOW the Massive Eating protocol (yet a heck of a lot more than I normally eat before) and yet I gained 7 lbs LBM in that week. Week 2 I increased my calories so that my average caloric intake was only 200 calories BELOW the Massive Eating target and I gained 4 lbs LBM.

I noticed something else…Week 1 I would swallow the MAG-10 per instructions, and it left that burning feeling in the throat, my body felt pumped and I could feel all a heat in all the muscles that had been worked in the last 48 hours. Week 2 I started to wash down the MAG-10 with a quart/liter of water to eliminate the burning throat sensation, and I felt that the pumps were not as good as before and as you can notice above I didn’t gain as much.

The reason I bring this up is because I thought the second week I should gain almost as much as the first week seeing how I increased my calories, but it didn’t happen.

I went back to reading everything that was written about MAG-10 to see what I can do better next time. Well I came across something in Issue 185 “Choose your weapon” that talks about the oral delivery system through the capillary rich tissues of the alimentary canal and started to wonder if I cheated myself of some results because I washed down the MAG-10 with a quart of water??? Any comments??

I am now starting on "M", Tribex, and Methoxy-7 for the next 2 weeks, then I will do another 2 weeks of MAG-10 and keep you posted.

Happy lifting. William

PS Most of my calories came from drinking Advanced Protein because I just could not eat enough regular food to even come close to the Massive eating guidelines.

mag 10 results. Started at 191 lb 13% BF, First week front loaded with creatine and very clean diet, ended week at 195 lbs, typical creatine h20 gain. Week two, front loaded MAG-10 double dose on Sunday single there after, with first work out on monday. Continued with creatine and added ZMA at night to aid sleep. Diet was clean, always got at least 400 g. of Protein, missed the necessary 5000+ cals for 4 of the 14 days while on Mag-10. Finshed at 205 and 13% BF.

Work out: One work out per day 4 days on 1 off. Chest/Back, Quads/Calfs, Shoudlers/Arms, Hams/Abs, Off. I have now finshed my first week of Tribex and M and have maintained my weight between 203 and 207. I am going to repeat the above with greater intensity and better calorie intake for my second cycle as soon as my second week of tribex and M are complete. Mag-10 is really very impressive, thanks again Bill and Tim.

My cycle lasted from 12/20-1/2. Gains are as follows: 12 lbs. (according to calipers/scale, 8.2 was lean body mass, and 3.8 was fat). Arms increased 3/4", forearms increased 3/8", calves up 3/8", quads up 1 1/4", and neck up 1/2" (don’t have a chest measurement yet, although I’m sure that it has changed a little). Minimal strength increases. I aggravated an old shoulder injury (impingement) during the last few days. It is basically an overuse injury, so I think it had something to do with the increased volume with the two-a-days. I followed the Growth Surge Project with slight adjustments to the training schedule. I gained more fat than I had expected to gain, and hope to drop about 2-3 pounds before I start my second cycle. Whether I start that cycle in two weeks or four depends on how lean I get. As far as diet is concerned, I ate exactly what Massive Eating recommended within 50 calories on every day. Basically, I was at 43% carbs, 41% protein, and 16% fat spread out over 8 meals. While I cannot really notice the additional muscle because I have lost much of my definition, I am confident that it’s “under there” for me to discover, which gives me all the more incentive and motivation to shed a little bodyfat. Overall, good product. Next time, I plan to drop about 100 calories from fat off of my daily total. I might also make some volume changes due to my school schedule. Many thanks to Biotest.

A couple of things I forgot: Diet: Carbs came from oatmeal, apples, vegetables (spinach, broccoli, etc.) an occasional few ounces of yam, and Surge during and after workouts. Protein sources: egg whites, whey protein powder, casein (before bed), cottage cheese, eye of round steak, chicken, turkey, an egg yolk per day, fat free cheese, and the occasional protein bar. Supplementation: Multivitamin, 1-1.5 tbsp flaxseed oil per day, 5 CLA capsules per day, 10-12 fish oil capsules per day, Milk Thistle (used to have liver problems-I’ve cut it out over the past few days after reading an article in MD about it hindering protein synthesis), 3g Vitamin C per day, 800 IU Vitamin E, 12 BCAA tablets (Twinlab Amino Fuel) per day, 1000mg Calcium, ZMA, 15-20g glutamine, and 10g creatine. And, of course, 9ml Mag-10 each morning with a double dose on Day 1. Comments? Suggestions?

Hey man, I remember you said your pumps were awesome on your first day. I was waiting to hear your results. Did I miss them in the support group? How’d you come out?

I have just finished two weeks of MAG10 and unlike the rest I have not had the results I expected.
No noticable muscle gain, bodyweight is up 3lbs but I feel a lot could be from the extra eating. No noticable gains in strength.
I would say that I was only a week off creatine and I was only taking one dose per day which maybe too low at a bodyweight of 220 LBS.
Would I do any better taking two bottles per day ??
Please advise

I’m very pleased overall. Beat the shit out of my last Finasol cycle. Gained about 9 pounds, 7 or 8 lean muscle. Then I shot up another 2-3 pounds in the few days after I quit MAG-10. Maybe I was overtraining a little or maybe MAG-10’s halflife is longer than they thought, but I like it! Anyway, those results are better than Finasol or injectable TA with Androsol. Pumps were amazing, sex drive remained the same, and I slept just fine. I’m sold. Will start my next bottle in a few days. Oh, I used two doses the first day and one after that. About halfway though my cycle, I took another double dose by accident. About the time I took dose 2 I realized I had already taken dose 1 that morning. Duh! Workouts were once per day but the volume was high with lots of negatives, forced reps and going to failure. No cardio. Diet was above maintenance but nothing crazy high. I just tried to hit around 400 g of protein per day. Used a lot of AP.

I’m leaning towards disappointed so far. Just came off my fisrt two week cycle. Gained 7 pounds and definately saw some strength increases. I gained inch on my chest and can confirm that it looks bigger visually. Sex drive went through the roof.

Now the bad news - gained 1/2" on my butt. Measurements of thighs and stomach stayed the same but SEEMS incorrect because my pants sure got tight. Too tight :(. Arm measurements also stayed the same and that was VERY disappointing. I was hoping for some gains there and got none.
I got acne, which was no biggie. No real trouble sleeping, as some reported. The only “pumps” I ever got were on my biceps and triceps, even on muscles that were very sore the next day. I just can’t figure out why they didn’t GROW.

I’m going to finish stage 3 of growth surge and then slowly taper the calories down through t-dawg, then go on the “steroid diet” with Mag-10 and see if I can shed some serious body fat. We’ll wait till then and see if it was a success or not. At this point, the gains I’ve seen I’m attributing to two-a-days and increased carbs/calories.

aikigreg- I may be thinking of someone else, but aren’t you the guy with the arthritis problem? I just wonder if your problems with grip would affect arm results. After all, guys like Pavel always say to get best results you have to “squeeze the bar to dust”. Just a thought. As for your results, they sound pretty good, maybe you just overate a little too much. The supplement itself can’t cause fat gain after all, just food. Keep us posted on your diet progress with MAG-10. I’m wanting to try that myself.

I’m relunctant to post results at this time because I’m not so sure what I think about MAG-10 yet. The pumps are totally awesome. I loved feeling pumped and hard all the time, even hours after I worked out. As for gaining weight, the scaled showed a 3-5 pound gain the first week. Yes, 3-5 pounds because my bodyweight tends to fluctuate a few pounds each day depending on when I weigh myself. After my second week, the scale showed me back where I started.

I recently weighed myself after my first week off of MAG-10, and the scale showed me up 10lbs. I don’t know if the scale is off or not, but I don’t think I’ve put on 10lbs. I did notice that the week I was off MAG-10, my appetite was much higher. While on MAG-10, I was eating seven times a day. On my third week, I couldn’t eat enough to hold me over for an hour. I’m on my fourth week, and my appetite is back to normal. I’m eating 5-6 meals a day. I have noticed a little bit of fat increase in my abs. But not enough to make a 10lb difference. I will be doing another cycle of MAG-10 starting Monday. I will tweak a few things and then post my results. I should know how it works once I give it a second try.

My strength is climbing, but that’s because I had fallen below previous strength levels. But I’m quickly getting back to my all-time best in many lifts (deadlift, squats, bench, rows, incline bench). I’ll know more in the next few weeks.