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MAG-10 . Tribex for 20 year old?

I’ve been planning on going on a MAG-10 cycle(1 bottle) followed by tribex/vitex in about 3 weeks. I’m preparing my diet as what I’m gathering from the articles and here. I’m currently 6’0, 175lbs and 20 years old. I’m a pretty small guy, compared to others at the gym and wanted something to get me going as I’m having trouble gaining. I’ve also changed my routine around. So my question is, would it be safe for me, 20 years old to start this cycle?

You’ll be fine.

Chris-Just figured I’d reply since I’m somewhat similar to you (6’1, a misleading 175 pounds since I am well-built lower body wise, 22 yrs old). I just started Mag10 and the Growth Surge II phase (4800 cal) and it’s great :-). Up to around 181-182 (on day 6). I haven’t noticed any side-effects. If anything I am happier lately, maybe because I am ACTUALLY getting results for a change.

As as long as you are using Tribex after, shouldn’t have any problems… Good luck!