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Mag 10 / Tribex Cycle?

Hi, I have just got my hands on some Mag 10 and Tribex, and was wondering how I could cycle them. My aim is to gain muscle mass and I want to use the westside for skinny bastards routine.



Everything you need to know has been laid out in articles here. Search for “Growth Surge Project.”

But, to simplify: follow the dosing directions on the Mag-10 bottle, then follow-up (after 2 weeks) with at least 2 weeks of Tribex. If possible, pick up some M to use with the Tribex.

Unless you are under 21; in which case, put that Mag-10 in the freezer for a few years, do the Westside anyway, and eat right.

Good luck; share your results with the Forums!

Thanks for the advice!Iv just joined a gym, (use to workout at home). Now I know how infuriating it is when you see people doing bicep curls on the squat rack!

Funnily enough the whole gym seemed to be working on their biceps, stange but maybe this only happens at my gym!

Tried Surge for the first time today, didn’t think the taste was as nice as everyone made out to be but compared to other supplements it was great!