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MAG-10; TRIBEX 500; M

This stack is the best I’ve seen, I’m on the sixth week now. I went from 222lbs to 240lbs. Went from benching 350lbs 10 times to 440lbs 5 times; went from squating 315lbs 3 sets of 10 to 415lbs 3 sets of 10. Had astronomical gains. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME

I’ve also thought about the possibility of stacking Tribex and/or M with an androgen in order to maintain (or even improve) natural hormone production in addition to the artificial “help”. Haven’t had the balls to try it yet, though. Bill, any comments about this? Cy? Brock?

Jesus Christ, you bench more than you squat.

Agent u is right, that is one heck of a bench. You must be close to a 1RM of 500 pounds! Sounds rather incredulous. Did you do the 2 on/2 off with Mag10 alternating Tribex and M on the off weeks or some other regime?

225 to 234 in two weeks on Mag-10. Currently on Tribex and M for two weeks, taking Surge after workouts, and Grow in between for protein. I also just started Myostat. All of it is good shit!!! Strength increases are great 3-4 days after starting MAG-10