Mag-10 Tribex 500, and Myostat Together

Ok, I am new to bodybuilding scene. Though I did alot of research. I am goin to make this question quick and simple. How would these 3 suppliments work together? Or is over kill?

Save the Tribex until after the MAG-10 cycle. Myostat can be taken with anything. Have you read the MAG-10 faq??

You take the Mag-10 with the MyoStat (you dont have to, but it`s ok to do so) for 2 weeks. then switch to Tribex and/or M for 2 weeks (carry on with the MyoStat too) and keep doing that untill you run outta money :slight_smile:


Paul Govier

If you are new to bodybuilding, then you will be able to make excellent gains without supplements like Mag-10…paying attention to proper nutrition and training is all you need to do at this point.

Well said, Steve.